What's New Nintendo's 2019 Unsubscribed Games?


Will they give them or Nintend them?

Le Joe Skrebels

Nintendo has today announced that he is holding out unnecessary games that he expects to release this year. If there is anything that I enjoy, it's a # 39; I was surprised by myself, and so I did somewhat digest into its potential.

It's an interesting situation, because it is likely for Nintendo to go to; The most popular matches are in advance. It seems that it is stated that it will be released less – but Nintendo also says that he has a soundless title, he believes that "fans" in the wings . With that in mind, the following is a list of informed (mostly) ideas about what we can see pop up in Nintendo Direct, and what is it? Come into our Switches shortly after:

Pikmin 4

Out of all of the licenses based at Nintendo, it is likely that this is more likely to get out of its & # 39; In addition, especially because Shigeru Miyamoto says he was almost ready over three years agoNext Time, Nintendo "down the priorities list", and we got a device handy, Hey! Pikmin to fill the gap.

Just if you're thinking Hey! In Pikmin Pikmin 4, Miyamoto spoke about the numbered seizure in 2017, saying he was "going on" within the Nintendo studio itself (although the device's device was " hand made by external developer). We have not heard something from then on – it would not be great if Uncle Shigeru was waiting to be able to. surprising us with a beautiful new story of genocide?

Zelda Multimedia Advanced

If we do not get the Majora's Mask-style method of Breath of the Wild, it's likely that we will not be able to; get a new main line Zelda game for a while, but that does not mean we do not get a Zelda game between South-

In recent years, Nintendo was likely to complete gaps between major solutions with smaller titles, Zelda tests. Cap Minish started between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess; Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks on the site between Twilight Princess and Swyward Sword; Connections between Worlds and Tri-Force Heroes have been waiting to make Breath of Wild a bit clearer. All of the gaps between these games are two years or less.

And, when we come near two years from the first game of Zelda, our producer Eiji Aonuma has said he wants to do it; Bringing up Breath of Wild and used in a multi-game game, and that he can see Nintendo employing a new Zelda project. Five Swords Adventures, Anyone?

A Retro Studios Donkey Kong

Nintendo has just re-developed Metroid Prime 4, and put Retro at the helm. Which issues some questions: what did it work before, and can we see that game ready? Since he spent Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze in 2014, it's the only Retro public project … port of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. If he does not work on Prime 4 before this, something should be in the jobs.

Donkey Kong's third title would not be the incredible recommendation – all of the last two were welcomed and will continue to play the broadcast according to Nintendo's hard-hit generation. It also has the opportunity to work on a new IP. Retro is not so odd to Nintendo to delete the projects that are missing; Supporting Metroid – expand the development of its original Prime Minister to three separate games – and so it's harder to have everything in the jobs still needed.


The NES Remix series was surprised. The first red mass game was released and released on the same day, and the racing was just two months after it appeared. Musicians have been listening to the SNES subject follower since then.

It is unlikely that Nintendo would have allowed the eShop certificate within the sale of a micro-console SNES Classic but, now it's a 39; sold out and apparently do not return, it is not sure there is any barrier. In addition, Indieszero co-developer has been a radio show since his last game has been released, Sushi Striker: Sushido Way – this is hoped this will work.

AA Surprise Game

Nintendo has influenced printing and publishing. Disposal of "AA" criteria for a number of years at this time. The Striker Sushi, the BoxBoy, Dillon & Rolling Western series, which has been mentioned previously, and more has emerged from any place and continues ( and Smash Bros. sometimes helps a prize). There is something that follows these lines to & # 39; Looking much more suited to quickly and release information is one of the firm's pole requests for the company.

Wii U Ports

Yes, many of these have already been ours, but we've still seen more of the last gene jumping. Those who are like Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Super Mario Maker, and remake HD of Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are among the best sellers on Wii U – it means Nintendo wants to put money that is much more successful on consolates far more successful.

Census – New micro-console

It's not current games, but what's in Classic N64 is a & # 39; expect "uncovered games". We saw a brand for the design of N64 last year, and later we came in with our options for a line. It would be great to see those games appear again in 2019. The NES and SNES Classic also had a short time about four and three months.

Indeed, Reggie Fils-Aime says that the company has no plans for "currently" N64 resettlement, but he said last year. But how long is it currently going to & # 39; cover? Our scientists are currently working on that question.

F-Zero Switch

Just kidding.

Mother 3

just kidding even moreSouth Westerly

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