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Why eat pigs and cows' stomach to save the planet?

If the last thing is, your food is having a big impact on the planet.

The effects of cattle are particularly dangerous, because cattle give large amounts of methane impossible – greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide – when they move or move gas.

Despite our growing awareness of our adverse environmental impacts, we are preparing and eating more meat than ever.
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Eating a nose to tail

But even meat producers can help break down by cutting down on meat waste and taking a "nose to tail" diet, which is aimed at all parts of animal. to use.

According to a study published in Science Science and Technology magazine, a massive drop in emissions may result in exchanging cow beasts and whales having a bulk of output.

How long will you go to reduce your rate of beef?

Finding out about the German meat delivery route would reduce 32% in meat consumption, but a greater reduction in consumption could reduce the amount eaten.

If 50% less debris was thrown away through the killing process and consumed there instead, emissions could fall by 14%, depending on the lead author, the Professor Gang Liu from the University of South Denmark.

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There's "enormous potential." [to lower emissions] by eating more byproducts and reducing waste throughout the supply chain, "Liu said to CNN.

New food & 39; health diet of the planet; he can save life and save his planet;

He argued that the tail tail's tail was a more efficient lighting strategy than one that aimed to 'turn' [entire] vegetarian vegetarian. ".

"Good at once, you might use meat more efficiently," he said, adding that many Asian countries are already eating food such as tripe and lungs.

Trevor Gulliver, who founded the first nose to a tail restaurant, St JOHN, in London, said that CNN removes an awful number of food with the devastating effects she could have. be there. "

"Offal opens out the senses of the whole animal to the western world, giving more value to these cuts and bringing back more skills into our kitchens," he said.

Trevor Gulliver's favorite 5 sets for tail vessels

  • Rose bone salts and parsley dirt, which use skeleton bones
  • Kid Fagots, a snack of young white geese got rid of by the dairy industry
  • Edited divers, kidney eggs cooked in Worcestershire sauce and health
  • The Terrier, using the parts available at the time they do – the liver of its liver, its heart, the rabbit
  • Spleen is pushed to sage and hama

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