Xiaomi My A2 is getting a stable update on Android Pie: This is how you install

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After weeks of pronouncement, Xiaomi has started to launch the latest Android Pie software with the A2 Mi in selected areas.

As it is now, Xiaomi Mi A2 in India is a Pie Pie decorated with flies-cuisine. It is slightly higher than 1GB in size and can take a few days to reach all parts of the country and other global markets.

The Android Pie update is coming with its & # 39; Google's latest security park, improvements in battery life, performance and more. Unlike the M1 A1, it is hoped that Xiaomi did the best to do it. toast behavior and not affecting my A2 & # 39; Androind One and user knowledge.

Last year, Xiaomi had to stop the Android Oreo for Mi A1, after a number of users complained about renewal, drive batteries and more.

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Finally, Xiaomi Mi A2 gets Android Pie udpate.KVN Rohit / IBTimes India

Here's how to install Android Piece on your Xiaomi Mi A2:

Step 1: Once you get a new software message, select "Yes, I'm there"

Step 2: After downloading the Software, select "Install Now"

Step 3: After the software has to be installed, the phone will return automatically

Step 4: Your My A2 phone is updated

If you have not updated any information, check that you are going to >> Settings >> to revise the system. If it says that an update is available, follow the procedure as indicated above.

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Android bit 9.0Android / Twitter (screen screen)

Android bit: Key features you should know

  • In addition to the Google custom protection range, Android 9 Pie will provide a number of new safety features, including a standard biometric probation process to provide more consistent testing experience across Android.
  • After updating to an Android section, restricted tools will apply to any apps that use users' phone microphones, cameras or other sensors when there is a lacking app or running in the background. (If the app is required to access a sensor, it will show your phone number).
  • In addition, Android 9 includes several new security features, and # 39; including a standard biometric probation process to provide more consistent testing experience across Android.
  • A Piece update also provides important improvements that make it possible; protect all web communications and offer a private nets climb. It enables copies of Android copies by secret user side (PIN device, pattern or password) for larger security.
  • One of the most important features of Android Pie is digital entertainment. It's a & # 39; Board, which specifies screen time and telephone use; including how many times the machine was opened and a number of messages received to give an overview of how difficult it was by phone. It also allows users to set the application's applications to limit the application's application
  • Android Pie also comes with Wind Down and does not disturb it. With these features, users can set a day record so that the phone can be ready for the bed. The screen will run to Grayscale, length & # 39; Do not Disturb & # 39; silence knows for a sleeping sleep. It can activate it Do not disturb any time they want to disconnect it.
  • Android Pieces of Slice Features recognize relevant information of the best apps for users to make it easier for them when needed
  • Android 9 Pie also makes more useful messaging and its & # 39; Provide active activists with associations such as linking pictures and stickers along with answering answers that are recommended. Users will also help to make things faster by telling about their next movement and their correct functioning on their. phone.
  • The new system navigation system offers a single home button that provides premise and prestigious suggestions (user's ability).
  • Other distinctive features include a relaxed, spacious screen friendly interconnection option, replicated positioning drawer, battery and suitable display, a battery life extension and several other.

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