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Parents, do not be afraid to drag.

That is the advice of a new research, although it is unhappy – probably literally, depending on what was taken away – to protect babies from & # 39; the development of hedgerows.

The conclusions are presented at the Allergy College, Asthma and American Immunology conference, which is held through November 19 in Seattle.

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Probably. But there are mattresses that are cleared by clicking the " shot them, with a child with a lower cancer response, according to research from Henry Ford's Hospital in Detroit.

Video: Senior researcher discusses the results

The interview interviewed 128 mothers over a 18 month period and asked how to clean their babies' helpers. Of the 74 used by their children, 72 per cent said they were washed by hand, 41 per cent said they were removed and 12 per cent said that the baby was so good.

The scientists found that there were lower levels of IgE with mothers who had spray-borne-related herbs related to cancer responses. Increased IgE levels often show a higher risk of being allergies and cancer asthmaSouth Westerly

"We found that the increase of parental herbs was linked to the impedimented IgE levels that began around 10 months, and continued over 18 months," said Dr. Edward Zoratti, journalist and co-author. "There is a need for more research, but we believe it can be a result of a microbial movement that is a health promotion from parental and mental health."

Are You Continuing? It was found to spread the spots from the parent's mouth to & # 39; contribute to the child protection system.

The research does not confirm the purpose and impact, and it is unclear whether the low IgE output that is seen among those children is the same; continue to years longer.

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