University student: Nicolás Córdova's backbone is already created by Guillermo Rodríguez, Alejandro Hohberg, Armando Alfageme and Germán Denis. League 1


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Gustavo Peralta

After analyzing the two relations of the University before U. de Chile and U. de Concepción, the technology Nicolás Córdova have already made an important assessment of the habitat. It is definitely a & # 39; The first game was better and in the second one did not change anything positive. Useful, severe, without game, bad protection.

"Nico", who has just arrived in Lima in the day, has already made a vision and how it is right, and even in the range of the area ( attack) to consolidate itself. In addition, it is already clear what is in the back bone of the "U" version 2019. The bow is well protected. José Carvallo and Patrick ZubczukAnyone who holds a & # 39; doing well.

That does not disturb the DT. Then a crucial element is the Uruguayan defender Guillermo Rodríguez. From a technical order, they believe that the "peeling" needs a younger guardian, with a faster pace, and thus combine each other. Although the best thing is that Alberto Rodríguez is already updated.

Then, the heads are also based Armando Alfageme to put lock in the midfielder, Alejandro Hohberg to imbalance in an attack and Germán Denis to be a "9" waiting as big as the upper town. They are all ready for their Sport University first time in the 2019 League.

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