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The question is one number in the health world that looks at us: the calorie is low, low-carb, or low fat diet. ; in weight loss due to success?

Well, a new study published in the magazine BMJ Finally on the debate once and for everyone, show that individuals who are at the same time. Following a low carbohydrate diet that burns between 209 and 278 more diarrhea than those on high carbohydrate diet.

In order to carry out the investigation, researchers from the Harvard University were randomly overweight and obese people who had previously lost weight, to one of the three diets: their first person to a high carb diet (60 per cent of their daily calorie numbers from carbs), the second carb dieter (40 per cent of their daily calorie number from carbs), and the third carbide low (20 per cent of their daily calorie number from charbs ). All sustained profit asset was still based at 20 per cent, and inclinations were changed to make a steady weight and stop further pressure, and make it more likely that there was no difference Whatever was considered in calorie wear from a & # 39; weight loss, but from the lost macros types Post-

After the 20-week test, researchers found those on low-carb diet up the rest of 200 calories a day, and the high-carb group reduced their energy respite spending. This translation is 50 to 70 calories more daily for every 10 per cent reduction in charging.

"If this difference persists – and we did not see it later during the 20 weeks of our survey – the translation would be" about 20 inches of weight after three years, without a change in calorie, "said a PhD and co-author of the study, Cara Ebbeling, in a press release.

Co-author David Ludwig, MD, and Ebbling explained that he is coming down the insulin levels. Carbohydrates with a process – which "floods our levels during low fat", he said in the # 39; press release, which moves fat cells to store more flaws. This will increase the hunger and hear metabolism, which is "a snare for weight pressure."

They looked at their low-carb foods with high levels of insulin secretion – made after glucose (the sugar found in carbs) – a & # 39; burn even more inclinations; up to 478 calories a day.

The study verifies why the normal model of & # 39; calories in, calories out the best way to lose weight. Instead, more long-term, more effective and steady weight will come down to the types of calories that we will; used.

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