Unmarked motorcycle route, a 28-year-old man died with a train, where he was


The accident happened 9h30 mn 22nd November, at km 23 + 100, belonging to Thang Loi commune (Thuong Tin district, Hanoi town).

Ha Noi: Motorcyclists run on the railings, a 28 year old man killed by a fire on the site - Picture 1.

Site event. Picture FB.

The point, A SE5 ship for the Nguyen Ba Phuc Hai steering ship, which was a Hanoi machine operator, moved from the Hanoi station to Ho Chi Minh City.

When you go to the place, go south 1 young person who has a motorcycle ride across the railway.

The impact of the accidental death accident caused the site. The identity of the victim was recognized as won by Mr Nguyen Tuan Tu (28, who lives in Tan Minh, Thuong Tin area, Hanoi).

This young man should drive a 29Y5-175.92 motor number, a & # 39; departing from the town to National Highway 1A when the route has not gone, it happens. A badly damaged bicycle, many broken pieces throughout the road.

The Thang Loi Commune Committee Leader, A daily electronic baric still works as usual, but today it does not work. The event took the SE5 to stop 15 minutes for its process.

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