# Unocero360 Is Huawei the victim? Also most you can see on YouTube and on Edge's blessing


If # Unocero360 is ours for the debate, this week was great, because & # 39; was arrested by Ionwealth Director Huawei, decided between Xiaomi and OnePlus for their first phone call with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 process, without the fact that the issues were not really controversial.

#TopUnocero 10 big gifts for less than 3,000 pesos

And if not enough, we also reviewed lists of YouTube's most popular videos in 2018 and full reggaeton management. Finally, Microsoft is launching a new time for its Edge browser, and for that it needs to "sleep with the enemy", because it uses Chromia. All news and some news stories this week at # Unocero360

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