Unpaid of the amount due to Epes: Students of the private exhibition


The air was a Cheikh Anta Diop that sprayed yesterday due to the rare stem. Concerned cars was worried. And throwing the student stone into danger of being injured. What could be caused by this situation? Students in private higher education institutions (Epes) on the streets "continued to pay the amount as a result of their different centers", which is being taken away at home. "We have organized this activity today (yesterday), which continues our struggle because the state has not paid the amount to its & # 39; private universities, "said Zakaria Niass, a decision to translate with its company; opposing the face. The spokesperson for the National Student Units Framework led by the University explains: "We have used the diplomatic strategies that will address this situation. We met the Contact all relevant authorities, such as a director of private higher education, with the Higher Education Minister, Marie Teuw Niane, who spoke three times to this question issue. And so far we did not win. "In addition, the unitary framework also met the Republican interiors, Mr Aliou Badara Cisse, and Monsignor Benjamin Ndiaye, Archbishop of Dakar," a student speaker on The Epes guide. In addition, the "difference between Amadou Ba and Marie Teuw Niane in terms of the Epes due" difference. "If there is a difference between them on the amount, it means that a fault Because of them, there must be mutual actions between them. And we do not go into this information. Let them sort the situation until we go back to the rooms. Alternatively we will continue to showcase shows because we have only two houses: the classroom and the street. If we're not in one, we're in a rest, "he added hard to Zakaria Niass.

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