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On March 6, in Riga, in the "TINTO" wine room, an exciting new entertainment – Wine in the Dark – was shown by the first hour of darkness in Latvia. The idea of ​​the event is to try to prove your senses by sampling all the wine in the dark, this time they have been studied by famous people in the home.

A special wine tribute from March Riga will be offered by SIA "Dāvanu Serviss." The taste of this has happened in Finland, Lithuania and now in Latvia, it will be an episode for your dreams, tastes, tastes and tastes, ”said Vivita Viksna, manager of“ Dāvanu Serviss ”. .

“I had never experienced such activity in the dark again, this was a challenge for me because I knew there would be a mistake in the professionals in the dark or black skies. Delighted that I also found some delicious wine. People in the dark will also ask more active questions – they don't see them, so they are not afraid to ask. To suggest that you try this activity for those who are slowly getting to know the wine world and for those who already know that the wine is completely different, ”said the author of cooking. Signe of America.

“I believe that their senses should be more challenging in this way. Reference is made to all the new, unknown and interesting things. I had also had dinner in the dark, but this was new. Not only is it a challenge for the emotions, but also new knowledge of wine and enjoyment that is right for him. There was the added value of asking questions during the process, as well as getting answers from a professional winemaker. ' Samantine Tina.

The event showed new feelings, not all around, just showing these feelings, listening to one another and revealing on the blogs, goat and communication. It is difficult to see why some of my senses get closer, I think, processes in the light are technically happening, but in the dark they happily appreciate. , search, experiment and something unique, ”said the actor Gints Andžāns.

Kaspars Blums – Blumman Sharing: “I really enjoyed being given new information about wine, tasty food, the taste of wine, a wonderful evening. I didn ‟t make everything cool. I've been with similar events in the past but this was a lot, a lot stronger because nothing can be seen in the dark black range, but there will be a lot of taste and listening, and maybe more try to take the different flavors of wine. This was really cheerful.

Arthur Bush Vineyard he says that the darkness has created an additional challenge for this night: “The expectation, as expected, is for each new event, but this time it was very easy. The classic wine tastings are very different, long before I laugh at their eyes. Everyone enjoyed the experience in the afternoon – both knowledge, relaxation, laughter and fun. Without a doubt, these tastings can upset the head of a wine scientist and do some amazing things. ” T.

The taste buds in one of the resting places of Riga – the wine cellar "TINTO" will be continued. The opening ceremony was attended by singer Samanta Tina, the multi-artist artist Kaspars Blums – Blumman, who hosts Santa Cola, the actor Gints Andžāns by his second party and other public figures.

The Wine in the Dark can be charted; buy at Dāvanu Serviss shops in Riga and on-site. www.davanuserviss.lv. The next popular public sports event that is publicly available from 21 March.

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SIA "Dāvanu Serviss" offers Latvia the largest range of adventure gifts and is one of Europe's largest gift card trading companies as an international company.


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