Unwilling goods ruping is not already marked this year


At the auction in Trnava it was used to sell for symbolic sums of clothing, cosmetics, books, cigarettes, toys, electronic, CDs, DVDs and many other things.

November 2018 at 04:04 PM

Trnava. Over fifty years ago, the postage trademark of a postage of unsolicited mail pages at the Office is prohibited. Post Office and Post Office in Trnava this year.

There is no harvest meeting with an interest in buying items from packages that do not; Respondent, Martina Mackova spokesman, was retained for the lack of suitable ships.

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At the auction in Trnava, it was normal to sell clothes, cosmetics, books, cigarettes, toys, electronic, CDs, DVDs and many other items for personal, home, and automobile mail.

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The packets could not deliver the job either for the wrong address, death or removal of the observer, they lost the deletion time, or even because he refused to accept with the respondent or repeller again.

Package from across Slovakia

In such a situation, they were sent out of Slovakia to Trnava, where the same Slovak Post Office is like that. POI has the right to be & # 39; secret secret breach and opening its letters or parcels to review the content, to explore further delivery opportunities.

The acts were recited annually for visitor interest, but in recent years the number of panels that are desirable on a rule of movement has decreased.

Rup Star Wars for socialism

Their socks were rooted in socialism, when many of the things in the parasites were scarce and could buy for a few pages at a branch. In order to add to this, the informal setting of the activity created by a selection rup for many years, Jan Mihin.

He easily came to the grandchild of all the family and sold everything without his / her surplus. At that time, they took a place in the main Trnava hall in Troja Square, and was completed regularly to the last place. After moving, it is at Trnava 2 Station near the railway station.

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