Up-to-date Android apps can be updated without signing in to Google


Google may begin to automatically update applications that are printed on a new Android mobile telephony system, even if it's not. sign in to their account, telling the special sites at Android Headlines.

According to ports, usually installing or replacing the options, you need to log in to your Google account to get into the Play Store. However, there are not a few people, so the installation will not receive preliminary information, because Source Store does not work without the start of a Google account.

Android Headlines will also ensure that Google has started an email to developers to verify that new versions of their apps are working with and without a description. Google identifies these users you can disable or activate this option.

The technological giant also specifies that the new feature will only be activated by devices with the Lollipop version of the Android operating system, released in 2015, or later versions.

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