UPDATE 1-Fed George says there is a need for a policy-making and seeing approach to policy t


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NEW YORK, 27 March (Reuters) – The US economy has “special” risks and the central bank can wait for it using its financial policy, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank said Wednesday.

“Over the medium term, I am seeing the biggest risk of slower international growth, particularly in China, the eurozone and the UK,” said George in a speeches. T was given in New York.

George pointed out that the foundation of the American economy was now clear and that job growth would result in February's weak performance.

She also noted that domestic operations, including the impact of the US government movement, also contributed to the average estimate by Fed policy makers going to 2.1% to grow for 2019 at the latest meeting. Last week, a full percentage point under 3 per cent of growth was seen in 2018.

“My vision is to grow slowly, with work benefits and low inflation,” she said. “In these circumstances, a waiting-access policy can remain and wait for it.” T

The potential for acceleration has continued in the markets to bring the next level of movement down. The nominee, President Donald Trump, for a seat on the Forensic Security Board, Stephen Moore, said in a New York Times interview here Tuesday that the bank will raise levels in September and December 2018 and share this with us. that they should return.

When asked if she felt it was a mistake in these two rounds, George said, “No, I don't think we made a mistake in September.” T

George said she was supporting Fed's plans to review this year's financial policy strategy. She said that some of the proposed changes to the framework were worthwhile, including proposals that the FED would commit to committing itself to a high number of years.

At the same time, she identified a number of reasons why such a framework might not work or that it could even harm the economy.

“I see fundamental and practical issues getting involved in moving to such races,” said George to the Market Cashiers at the University of New York Inc, the finance industry finance body.

But, George said it might be reasonable for the Fed to allow talks "even to be stable" from the level 2 inflation target.

“If they are limited to, say that there are 50 points above or below the target (they could be appropriate, depending on the wider economy.” (Commentary by Trevor Hunnicutt; and an account by Jason Lange in Washington; edited by Diane Craft & Shri Navaratnam) t

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