Update: A man found in water where Donegal can not die


Update: Gardai has confirmed that a man who was swept from the River Erne in Ballyshannon, Donegal Co. today (Sun) has died.

The person was transferred to Sligo University Hospital with an ambulance after the water was given in Ballyshannon estuary just after a half-day. However, it was announced that he was dead.

The person's name has not yet been released until the members of the family are notified.

Earlier: a man escaped from sea off the coast of Donegal

A man found in the Ballyshannon Beul in Co Donegal was transferred to Sligo University Hospital.

The person was seen by a passenger after a noon and the emergency services were informed by the rescue coordination of Malin Head Coastguard.

Members of the Rescue 118 helicopter joined the Gardaí and members of the Lundo-Bundoran team to the scene and started research.

Having investigated the area intensively and the relief was found some time later.

The human state is still unknown but it was taken to Sligo University Hospital for emergency treatment.

The weather during the research was very challenging with heavy rain and pleasant winds.

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