Update on Android: A new EU plan brings Samsung, Huawei & Co. a duty


For the manufacturers, this would mean that the firmware updates for security and sustainability should be available over an appropriate time set by the European Union. If Samsung, Huawei and Co are not running forward, smartphone owners can get the right back – the failures will then be treated as a fault in software or hardware.

Users can then choose if they are </ p> <p> get a new repair or device (free). If repair repairs are not required, consumers would have the right to reduce prices or limit their / contract related to the device (for example: mobile phone contract).

It does not make a difference if the product was purchased online or in a manufactured shop and who would; apply as well as smartphones for other devices such as satellite TV or kitchen appliances. What are the changes that the European Parliament has called for finally, and if so, when and how, they are still clear at this time. Especially with cheaper mobile phones, such a regeneration could continue to prolong the long term to increase the increase in smartphone prices.

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