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New guidance that reduces so many debts is required to improve children recovering from compromise with CanChild, the research center of McMaster University.

“For children, it's better because they have to get them back from affecting each other. There are times when they make rapid progress and climb through the faster steps, and other times when these markers include slide back, ”said author Carol DeMatteo, t Professor of rehabilitation science and CanChild researcher.

“Our new research, along with the world-wide review of inspections from the world, has allowed us to refresh our renewables guidance and has different guidelines that are suitable for returning to the school and supporting the regeneration of the school. to return to activity including sports.

“Families have always felt that the amending guidelines were too limited and difficult to follow. We know now that rest is not a good thing when the congregation arrives, and that children can start some activity earlier as long as they don't be t overturned and made the marks worse. "

She said: "The modernization recommended that homework and hobby work will be done at the first 24 hours as long as they are up for five minutes at a time, and stopping if they measure t .

The guidance provides routes for three categories of collections: For people who are free from signals within 48 hours of injury, those free from symptoms or significantly reduced t in one to four weeks, and those with the marks for more than four weeks.

DeMatato noted that the revival has been broken into stages and each level sets out the goal, the actions that are allowed and what must be looked at before moving to the next level. . For example, at stage two when they return to school, children are allowed to walk, 15 minutes of screen time or school work twice a day, and to meet a couple or two for more than a day. 30 minutes.

DeMatteo said that the most important thing to remember is that every child is different and makes progress at their own pace based on the severity of their symptoms.

“In addition, we have shown, based on our research, the average time for moving through each stage to returning to school and returning to full activity or sports,” said DeMatteo. 48 hours to six weeks or longer.

DeMatteo said that the average age of treaties in sport is linked to 13.5 years old, and in Hamilton and Canada, hockey is the most common sport that refers to boys, and boys like football.

The guidelines can be found at https://www.canchild.ca/en/diagnoses/brain-injury-concussion/brain-injury-resources

The research behind the revised indicators was funded by the Health Research Institute in Canada.

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