Urban Meyer says Ohio State's benefit to Maryland is very emotional & # 39;


Ohio Urban Meyer State Coach, who was erased on a 52-51 camera in Maryland, which had a "shocking" Saturday game, but did not stop his team And growing.

The 10-class Buckeyes developed to 10-1 after Maryland a 2-point turnover in his first first session. Ohio State was collected by 14 points on three occasions but moved each time. Fourth Dwayne Haskins background (40 yards, three touring) and JK backing. Dobbins (37 shows, 203 rods, had touchdowns) had big displays, but the Buckeyes gave 535 yards, including 298 rods attacked by Anthony McFarland.

See if this team is & # 39; getting involved, Meyer said "not at all."

"I have done this for a long time and there are situations that have no side to play well," said Meyer to reporters at the College Park, Maryland. "The week before the State of Michigan, the shell was hanging on a thread and we kept the defense there. That's just a part of the game. And then the ceilidh game saved the day. Every part is, it's up and down.

"Where do we need to be? No. But we are 10-1. We're trying to find a way to be 11-1."

Meyer said that Ohio State was fortunate to win and win. attacking the "defensive" game despite a good week of use. Last week, the Buckeyes State Michigan ran into two field fields, 12th first down and 274 full rods in a 26-6 peak in East Lansing. But McFarland and Maryland were once again on their stay on Ohio State Saturday, and # 39; including 14 yards per pass and 7.1 yards each time.

Large plays have been the case for the Buckeyes throughout the season, especially in the 49- 49 loss of Purdue on October 20.

"I thought we broke the last few weeks rock with a focus on big plays," said Meyer. "Alarming is the right word, but we won, and let's go back to work. We will not accept that."

Meyer Haskins, who had 59 gardens, dropped and three shows praised and left the pocket more willingly. Dobbins took a heavier motor vehicle vehicle like Ohio State to play for Mike Weber, and four brutal hens did not go enough for him to play on Saturday.

But Ohio State also asked Haskins to contribute to the running game.

"What is needed is the hard element, and dragging and running the ball, and getting locks to you," said Meyer. He has been willing, and we are now giving him those opportunities. And his leadership was good. It is today. get better and better on that. "

Ohio State, did not move a Saturday game so that the Big Ten East department can still win and live in the Scottish Football Playoff race if it hits No. 4 Michigan next week. Meyer is 6-0 against Wolverines, who did not win at the Ohio Stadium since 2000.

"We need to play better than we have done for protection or we will not win that game," said Meyer. "Without the message, and I expect to play much better."

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