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In addition, Dr. Paulina Ormazábal, Institute of Health Sciences, introductory results based on this new search line at the XXIX SOCHED Conference held in Coquimbo.

The Academics of the Institute of Health Sciences (ICS), Dr. Paulina Ormazábal, funding for the Border Against Border and Sickness Society (SOCHED), which aims to stimulate clinical, clinical or clinical clinical development in Limbs and diabetes, # 39; can be the basis for future search lines or advanced projects.

Dr. Ormazábal to the property with her & # 39; her project "Effect of the plant Mobile site Phil. JNK implementation and the levels of TNF-α and FABP4 caused by fatty acids in human hepatocytes HEPG2, which is a new branch in the research that the UOH academic is developing in terms of the impact The plant benefits from the Chile country, Mobile site, against burning incentives with fatal acids in liver cells.

"With these assets, I can choose to evaluate the symptoms of a new molecule of shock by means of a much more specific and sensitive way," explained Dr. Ormazábal.

Regarding the importance of what it is to be & # 39; Given this fund, the researcher said "it is a sign of the one-sized research within the UOH. This work aims to develop ethno- To reinforce a pharmacist in the treatment of medicinal plants to treat diseases. In particular, this research will investigate philosophy that often occurs in obesity and arthritis. responding to the lungs of the gold as a result of fat gathering within the liver cells. The above ones are overcoming when too much weight and energy at a high level nationally and globally and unfortunately our area does not escape from this fact. "

Scientically affirm that Mobile site It has a contradictory impact, it will have a significant impact both locally and also nationally as it is a native Chinese plant, to be able to use a project as a complementary remedies for the treatment of the energetic philosophy associated Too much stress and obesity.

Inside the highest five SOCHED Transport

In addition, Dr Ormazábal gave out the starting results that responded to this new search line at the XXIX SOCHED Conference that took place in the town of Coquimbo, between 8 and 10 November just over.

The title of the work presented at a & # 39; Transport "Efficiency of the hydroelectric element of the Andean plant Lampaya on steatosis in vitro in human hepatocyta "

On the occasion, the work was selected among the top five in the field of translation credits.

This research is the result of the multi-disciplinary work of chemicals, biologists and biochemists. The section of Mobile site It is prepared and delivered by researchers of the Antofagasta Institute Chemistry Biology Laboratory, University of Antofagasta, as long as the tests are carried out in the Laboratory of Obesity, Metabolism and Hearing INTA.

It should be noted that, in October of this year, the ICS academic has awarded the SOCHINUT award – The Science Development Fund Award Henri Nestlé 2018, which aims to provide support and visibility for researchers who, with their active and innovative work, contributing to improving the quality of life of the Sinclair in the food, nutrition and health sectors – with their research project "Protection of the plant Lampaya medicinalis Phil. on steatosis and an incredible inflammation inspired by fatty acids in human hepatocytes HEPG2 ".

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