US $ 2019 Sales in the United States: Nintendo Switch the best consolate and the only one who sells its sales compared to last year –


As every month, the first official data of videogame has started to access in & # 39; last month United States, from the group NPD.

At this time, we saw that the top of the best selling games in the month Super Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe In the third case, there were only two other platforms for other platforms. We leave you with the list, where the digital sales of Nintendo games are not counted:

On the other hand, they were also divided the tops of the best games on the different Nintendo consoles and in the last 12 months. Here you are:

In addition, there are interesting data related to sales Nintendo Switch. Here are:

  • Switch Switch sold the largest consumer in January 2019 in the United States, as estimated by estimates
  • Switch Switch is the most successful consol in the number of units sold and profits in a dollar created
  • Switch Switch the same platform that is Sales increase compared to January 2018

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