US debt causes fear to decline


The recent campaigns that have been done in recent market, along with a fairer part of the president of Fèidh, have impacted on long-term long-term results.

Last Tuesday, a market bargeter was strongly linked to; shows that it was an economic problem for fear of being slower in the US economic growth. This indicator, which shows the product bend, which is reflects the difference between the results of short-term and long-term US bonds, to its lowest level in 11 years.

When short-term shorter profit profits are long-term bonds, some investors have a & It is estimated that financial policy is too hard. The difference between the Treasury's yield fell two and 10 years to less than 12 main points on Tuesday, the lowest rate since June 2007, with the fall on the 5th-largest base on Monday and the biggest decline from March. .

"People believe that the Scheduled Reserve will continue to consolidate a cash policy that will continue to go down on the economy, and by turning to & # 39; excavation of fruit, this indicates a decline in the next 12 to 18 months, "said Tom di Galoma. , Head of the Maraport World Trusts.

Recent market initiatives, along with the biggest situation of Jay Powell's Federal Land Chairman last week, have influenced long-term band results and have traded traders removed to allow them to minimize costs. of interest in the next year.

However, reservoirs are keeping up to date. Generally believe that the Scottish Army Reserve builds another quarter of rates this month, which will bring the result on short-term bonds up and running. reducing the difference to the long-term bands.

"As a market shows warning signs, the Air Force Reserve may work, but that does not mean that it will do so now, "said Joshua Younger, JPMorgan's level-rate strategy. Other features also show warning signs. The difference between the results of the three-month and 10-year bonds fell more than 10 points on Tuesday directly on the basis of 52, and the difference between the results of the five year and 30 year bundles to a base of less than 40 point after they had gone up in the last few weeks.

The reduction of this difference also adversely affects financial institutions that will, earn more money by raising higher levels of interest for long-term loans than they do; pay for short investments.

Divisions in the financial department of the worst actors of the S & P 500 this week, down 1.7%. But some surveyors, including Ben Bernanke, who chaired the Feachdal Reserve, questioned the reliability of the product bent as a declining decline, although the loop was deposited in the US before the fall began. World War II.

"I do not think that the product bend is the best thing that is causing a decline, I'm giving more emphasis on economic and business data than anything else , but changing the loop on a market is to think we're getting to the end of the hill. Increase the Fearmal Reserve rates, for better or better worse, "said Young.

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