US debts run from a register to register under Thrump


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American American debt clock, 15 February in New York.

Photograph: AFP / VNA / CVN

Amount of regular deficiencies and interest in debt, b. This is a wonderful sum of how Mr Trump came in the White House to 19,950 billion dollars, the same as the US GDP for the first time since World War II

Compared to that, France's debt, which also matches the size of its GDP, amounting to just over 2,300 billion euros at the end of September (about 2,600 billion dollars). Trump government tax cuts, especially for businesses, and more spending, especially on military, have added to this burden.

"I wanted to put the army in order before I bought about 22,000 billion debt," The president recently launched. His administration still has to ensure that her tax cuts, which need to expand the deficit with $ 1.5 billion over ten years, are financed by themselves. build growth, and thus income.

No one is shaking

But the deficiency rises to a & # 39; a 17% budget to $ 779 billion last year, which recorded the worst balance of 2012. And according to the Office's Office; Transport Budget (CBO), it is expected to extend this year to 900 billion dollars.

President of the Central Bank (Established) of the United States, Jerome Powell, January 30 in Washington.

Photograph: AFP / VNA / CVN

After four years of more budget under Bill Clinton, Iraq's war in Iraq under George W. Bush has again put money into the red country. Under Barack Obama, 2008 financial crisis requested strong support from the state. The accounts have gone down badly, resulting in the birth of the current political Tea Party, which helped Donald Trump to power.

With the economic revitalization and the decision on reducing public spending, it seems that Obama's final president finally dropped. Then, when Donald Trump started again, no-one was down, even the Republicans, who had been applied to use public money.

An inevitable accident

But it is higher than getting older than the population and the level of health and retirement costs that are in the past; affecting the structure of its federal budget to ongoing deficit.

Not trying to oppose fiscal policy, US central bank president (Deer), Jerome Powell, reports occasionally "It is well known that the US government's budget is unavoidable and must be addressed."

Taking lessons is difficult when the debt service itself has been greatly lost because recruitment rates are interest in debt. Donald Trump did not welcome the deer's knowledge, handling of "Crazy " and "problem for the economy" when she rises up the rates.

For example, the service was upgraded in debt to cost more than 13 billion of the US government in December. In addition to the remaining landowners 'debts, according to the dollar, safe deposit in the eyes of the world as American households, some businesses and consumers' debts are more concerned.

The US corporate loan has doubled almost a decade over a decade, surrounded by the cheaper cash policy of the Deer after the 2008 emergency. Their debts are $ 9 billion and is, according to the bank's own, "macro-economic risk ".

On the side of households, enthusiastic about a 13,500 billion dollar tune, three-quarters of them with mortgages, more disturbed but fragile areas are a cause of concern.

Student loans, which prevent the consumption of young people, have reached a historic record of almost $ 1.5 billion. Automatic loans, which come close to the same size ($ 1.3 trillion), and & # 39; Starting to experience late payment and the basic levels that recently informed the Deer.

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