US officials believe they have detected the productivity of the lethal involved in the. latest E. coli breakdown


The US Food and Drug Administration believes he has detected the result of the latest E. coli breakdown. The Monday group said it was likely that the jacket was connected to the # 39; bankruptcy from the Central Coast area of ​​California. He said that romaine from other places should be fastened by dates and harvesting areas so that people know it's safe to eat.

Canadian Food Supervisory Agency (CFIA) said it is continuing to & # 39; Examine the survey itself in conjunction with the Canadian Public Health Organization (PHAC) and Canada Health (HC) into the E. coli O157 at present. But he has advised the Canadian food industry, which includes exporters, not to including rubber lettings from the suspects that the FDA suspects to identify more.

The CFIA also implements additional control measures to ensure that results from the Central Coast California department are not admitted to Canada, including a more detailed survey of output to this country.

Twenty-two people in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick were converted by E. coli from October. Forty-three in the 12 US states have also sunk.

There is a decrease in labeling

In U.S., the FDA advises people without eating rumors that there is no clear labeling information about where the product is. For romaine that does not come in in a folder, groceries and retailers are asked to share their information with them; the table.

Romaine's recent breeding began to move from Central Coast in California to areas that, Winter growth, especially Arizona, Florida, Mexico and the Imperial Valley. These winter areas did not yet go when the diseases began. The FDA also notes that there is no root and rhomeine focus that has grown in greenhouses; join the disaster.

The labeling arrangement was worked out as the FDA product product to quickly prevent the extent of its warnings so that it did not have to harvest a new jacket. An industry group said people could expect to start leaflets as early as this week. It notes that the volunteer worksheets, and that it's going to be; Examine whether the leaflet should be extended to leafy greens and other products.

At least 22 people in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick were converted when it started. (Matthew Mead / Associated Press)

The FDA said the industry was committed to making the labeling status for rumors and considering long-term labeling options for other leafy greens.

Robert Whitaker, chief science officer of the Produce Marketing Association, said that a romance leaflet could help with limitations of future warnings and rebuild public trust after another break.

"Romaine has been a division of a year that was not sad," said Whitaker.

The FDA has not yet identified a cutting source in the latest situation.

Canadian officials advise the food industry and their exporters without being able to; Including rhombus from the California department marked by the FDA. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP / Getty Images)

Although there is no romaine from the Yuma district, Ariz., Appears in the situation that, in the moment, he was blamed because E. coli started this spring that caused more than 200 people to death and killed five. Contaminated hydraulic water near a cattle crane was identified as the source.

Leafy greens was also blamed for an E. coli crash last year. SA investigations have never checked out what green salad could be a blaming of those illnesses, which occurred around the same period of the year as it is present . But Canadian officials identified rumors as a common source of illness in Canada.

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