US stock market premium – revenue times will be later than below a & # 39; yesterday market


On Monday, the US stock market fell dramatically. Dow Jones closed down 1.6%, S & P fell 1.7%, and Nasdaq fell by 3%. Technology collapses, including Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet, and share prices were hitting hard.

In today's super-market trade, the outbreak of the Outer Hebrides fell to a long time and Dow Jones fell over 250 points.

A European stock market also fell during the morning trade. The German stock market fell by 0.87%, continued on its # 39; decline.

Asian stock markets are also happening today, with Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets. falling by more than 2%.

In terms of economic data, at 21:30 Taipei time, the United States will launch data for the start of a new housing in October.

On Thursday, for a Thanksgiving Thanksgiving holiday, the US market is closed.

On Friday, close the stock market of the SA in advance.

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