USA: Disruption in rehabilitation among people with HIV


Scientists in the United States have made further progress in medical treatment to those with the HIV disease: surgeons nibbled a disease that has the disease on their bodies to a person who has been infected. According to current data from Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University, this was the first sight.

So far, organ transplants have not been played on HIV sufferers. For those affected by the disease, there is a new hope. Previous scientists had previously assumed that it was too dangerous for someone to have a bleeding HIV and then living with the remaining black.

Since doctors are now involved in such work, that reflects their confidence in the huge progress being made in HIV treatment: with the introduction of retroviral drugs, which reduces the number of t body in which the disease is most common – and also as a body burial in a question.

Let Dorry Segev from Johns Hopkins University pretend that, in the US alone, there were about a thousand people with HIV infection they had been waiting for their body organ. Up until now, only such patients have been allowed to die from HIV.

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