USC Clay Helton is not expected to lose work after the loss of UCLA


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – Less than two years ago, Clay Helton left the Rose Bowl field to succeed after the southern end of California had passed Penn State in one of the bouquet games out of most interesting ever.

The Trojan head coach left the same Saturday range by running under a red sign; read "HELP. TIME CHANGE."

Helton was still in position because he left Pasadena a & # 39; Following 34-27 USC to compete with UCLA, the fourth loss in five overall games for the Trojans (5-6, 4-5 Pac-12). But USC's unhappy supporters expressed their intention to burn at the time of their game, shout more attackers at when he walked up the tunnel to a small locker room.

His coach spoke in the conservatory with Lynn Swann's athlete leader, and Helton said it was not clear that there was a coordination change. ongoing at West Coast's main program.

"He put my neck there and said, & Coach, watching you on Monday, & # 39;" said Helton. "Look forward to him." "

Helton once again said he is not expecting his job to lose this season, and Swann has supported him publicly. Only two consecutive years, Rose Bowl will win, and just one season after Pac-12's title will be a key part of a page to start a coach post in USC history, even though Texan a & # 39; recognizes that his security of work is outside looking.

"I do not worry," said Helton about the lively booster and from the USC fans at the Rose Bowl. "The oldest ones are in my heart, because I wanted them to know. I know the work. The job is if you win, people are going to to attack the back, and if you miss, you know they will get rid of you. If you're not happy with me, do not know this. I know . He will stream on my back, so I will not worry about it. "

With her season in disasters, USC had to worry Notre Dame for a weekend next week to qualify for an arch. The Trojans have a steady seven-year seasonal season, which lasts the last year of the Paul Hackett coach before Pete Carroll took over and started revitalizing.

Helton plans to be on the side to face the Fighting Irish.

"I'm just waiting to tell you: I'm working on my box for 24 hours to try to buy another 24," said Helton. "If you work as hard as you can and do the best you can for your children and for the university you want, do not be sorry and no. I continue to work as hard as possible as possible. I have great support from the USC, from Lynn Swann and those children, and I'm sorry to work as hard as I can for them. "

Just 9 1/2 months ago, Helton acquired a contract during the 2023 season. The contract from Swann was a reward for receiving 21 games in the & # 39; His first two quarters, including the impact of the Rose Bowl festival and his / her; First Pac-12 title from the Trojans since 2008.

Missing USC for Brux's rival was the worst hit. still remains for the long-term attacking assistant who overcame a crew in the middle of the way through the season in 2015 and eventually gave him a remarkable height, just to see he & # 39 ; dropped down in the last three months Afterward The Trojans were extremely shocking in early season fires to Texas and Stanford before they started now 1-4.

Even obstacles need to admit that Helton has been creating a stiffness for a tough program and that he has directed adults in a very poor school in recent years.

But while the Trojans were a huge victory over the last two years, a large proportion of USC fans never had a great deal. bought into Helton, who had never been a major coach before they replaced Steve Sarkisian. They criticized his invasive imagination, his choice of helpers and even his style of inconvenience in the heart of California.

As the losses are built, the boos have not become higher than a school; Try to sell tickets and sets at the next Coliseum re-season.

Many fans say Helton's Trojans have been struggling almost when Helton's quarterly Sam Darnold was not a quarterback, and a new passenger J.T. Daniels had another rugged game at the Rose Bowl, which ran 20 of 34 for 33 yards and two expensive players.

Daniels, the hottest country car, the last season, gave real support to the coach that he asked out of Orange County.

"No one wants to see it," said Daniels. "Everyone who is loyal is here. If you miss Clay Helton for that loss, you do not know what football is there. things that are not executed by players, and that's. Players play a role in making the plays. We have the opportunity. "

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