Use of antibiotics in children who worry WHO PAGE


EThe uncertain use of antibiotics in children has become a public health problem. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, there are new ways of serving that pose the risk to & # 39; The general treatment of infectional infections and its presence. spread daily through planet. There is a growing number of diseases, such as infection, wear, septicemia or eating eating diseases, and # 39; becoming increasingly difficult – and sometimes impossible – to deal with them, as antibiotics lose their efficiency.

In relation to the child's child's number, this case does not & # 39; stop disturbing the authorities, health centers and doctors; It is known that most of the respiratory, viral and bacterial diseases are concentrated in the first years of life, so children are the proportion of the largest population that is open to antibiotics. For this reason, Dr. José Miguel Suescún, doctor's doctor Roosevelt Institute, explaining what is an antimicrobial and a? relate to the most common mistakes parents make when they themselves; giving their children the opportunity and their adverse effects.

According to the expert, antimicrobials require specific micro-organisms to be removed or not; grow inside the human body and there are four types: those that aim to resist antiviral viruses; for bacteria, antibiotics; Fungi, recreation and antisocial parasites are used. In the same way it identifies the most common mistakes:

In general, parents tend to treat viral diseases with antibiotics, means that its pharmacist does not have any effect and it's a n; risk your allergies and your illnesses that the child's body does not need.

In many cases, the child may have a disease caused by bacteria, but by suppressing the antibiotic in a suitable manner, you will again repeat it; miss the chance to disease with its & # 39; That is a danger and now you need to give a stronger one; Generally, these diseases can be regulated on an outpatient basis, but by requiring more medicinal medication, in some cases, the need to take the child to hospital.

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