Use short skirts to look young but unfortunately, Song Hye Kyo unfortunately revealed that his legs are not flat


Song Hye Chan Kyo is not involved in any movie projects yet. So, the return to the screen with the Bo Encum "Encounter" park is expected to be more than ever. Appears at a & # 39; News conference, Song Hye, Kyo is still in an excellent shape with an incredible face. The style clothes are also much larger due to minimalism. Only one is perfect.

As usual, Song Hye Kyo is just a natural shape, there is no series of eye powder, cheeks or focus. Hair styles are also smaller. Maybe she's very handsome, this beauty has reached 100/100 no matter how hard & # 39; you are.

Along with the simple conception of inconvenience, Song Hye, Kyo did not choose this girl, but dressed on a rock and a white cloth. To eat a little age and height, she chose short skirts on her knees, not long skirts like a star Contemplation star. This can be considered as a prestigious step, something, this kind of dress is bad to show Song Hye Kyo's weakness.

Do not understand because & # 39; The abuse and cold weather in Korea today is that Song Joong Ki's legs grow green yesterday, also carefully look at her; Seeing blood vessels, green meat appeared to look a little Fionn. In these pictures, you can see the difference between the skin, neck skin and foot skin.

Even a & # 39; Look at the right color pictures, you'll still find anxiety on the turn Hye Song Kyo. This is an unfortunate piece of dress because all the styles and hair styles are quite perfect. Of course, she got tiny pants, and everything was different.

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