Use the hammer's shop for two seconds


Young Ord smiling a gold shop in 2 seconds

The town of Dien Ban (Quang Nam) is a youth hunting; male youth hunting.

On the evening of 19/11, suspicion is hanged, bicycle stopped before the gold shop Kim Dung II, Dien Ngoc ward, began to use the thumb that was burned into the glass. He arrived for the gold and fled.

After the robber, many people saw him. Picture: Dac Thanh "data-natural-h =" 362 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" - 5920-1542681860.jpg

After the robber the people came to see the police check the scene. Photograph: Dac Thanh.

A camera and a gold shop has recorded the whole item. The hammer was thrown into the scene. According to the owner of the shop, crooks brought about 5 gold trees, worth 100 million. When the person suspected of attacking him, he was sitting close to his; glass and can not turn back.

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