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Concern is concerned about the provision of tax and bank information (Photograph).

Concern is concerned about the provision of tax and bank information (Photograph).

As the previous information, there is a draft of # 39; Tax Law Order is to consult the rules that commercial banks have to do; provides information related to taxpayer's accounts to tax management, a bicycle accountant taxpayer's account within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the request for information from the tax management body.

In terms of the security of information of taxpayers, representatives from the General Taxation Department, Mr Luu Duc Huy – Policy Department Director stated that the information provision on the taxpayer's account number aims to drop the procedure for taxpayer, share information between tax management and related parties automatically. At this time, 51 banks have signed a taxation division information division, 49 of which were implemented.

"Leading above on the tax authorities, tax authorities account the database of accounts of hundreds of thousands of businesses but there were no issues that a & # 39; affecting confidentiality of information. "Huy said.

In addition, according to Huy, describing international experience such as the IMF Tax Management Law Model (International Monetary Fund); Hungary's tax management law and the OECD report on improving access to banking information for tax purposes, a & # 39; Most banks of banks and financial institutions can notify the tax office The tax office knows about opening accounts and taxpayer tax codes that will be issued with tax offices.

"Even some countries are calling for prompt statements on closing accounts, the balance of accounts at the end of the year as well as interest in taxpayer accounts for tax authorities. The content of the draft law on the responsibilities and responsibilities of commercial banks according to international traditions, and to ensure that there are information exchange with tax authorities in countries, "said Huy.

According to representatives from the General Taxation Department, in the context of international economic integration and the development of today's strongest trading, the price transfer, against the decline of revenue and strengthening regime, gender, embroidery requires synchronization at all levels and branches in state administration activities and the functions of each minister, branch and area.

Previously, his Pham Thi Thu Trang (Quang Ngai) company said on his / her; In this case, the Parliamentary Assembly, that this regulation is not appropriate. Under the provisions of the Law on Credit Institutions, credit institutions and branches of foreign countries are not allowed to provide information regarding investing accounts, investment assets, client business parties and foreign bank branches for organizations and others but only where appropriate state agencies are required by law and agreed by clients.

According to delegates, there should be a consensus between the two governments so that it does not affect the status and operation of its bank, so that there is no abuse in the application for bank information; breach of the law. , explore the contributor's comments.

"I recommend that a drafting committee need to have a clear analysis of the issues that provide information, the authority's request information and in particular tight rules about to pay money in the account to pay taxes to make sure. Legal and legitimate legal acts, "said Trang.

After explaining the explanation of the ideas, Finance Minister, Dinh Tien Dung, said the current law also states that the bank must provide information about taxpayers opened at banks. to tax management. Both IMF and OECD countries have suggested that such sanctions, especially in the Vietnamese development context of downtime and border trade, are proposed by the IMF.

"The bank is the overseas payment gateways, not a guide." It does not say that our economy is still a cash economy, there are many non-financial issues; Considering the process is very difficult. The responsibilities of relevant agencies, including banks, must clearly state, "said the minister.

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