Users of the Otago gun attack the attack by an attacker rifle


Gun-users have been banned in Otago for the purpose of banning military armor (MSSA) devices and attack rifles in New Zealand.

They are among the changes that are being made to make gun laws stronger and New Zealand safer, named Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday.

The Cabinet agreed to reform the law when it met Monday, 72 hours after its terrible act in Christchurch.

"It is also prohibited to convert parts associated with these guns to MSSAs, along with the highly competent journals."

She said that peat would be set up to bring in weapons, and the Cabinet had instructed officers to develop a purchasing scheme.

More information would be published back purchase in due course.

I am convinced that the majority of modern New Zealand gun owners will understand that these movements are to the benefit of Scotland and will bring about these changes. T . "

She said that action had been taken to identify the weapons needed by farmers, pest controllers and animal welfare providers, and they were free.

Legislation would be introduced when the Parliament sits in the first week of April, and it expected the law to be in place by April 11.

The Bill introduces a "narrow exemption" for legitimate business use, which would include professional pest control.

Police and the Force will also be exempted.

Police Minister Stuart Nash said that issues like access to international sporting competitions were, as usual, working.

“As the legislation is being drafted, I announce that the Government will be doing something immediately today to stop the shooting of guns and encourage people. T to keep up their guns. "

“The actions announced today are the first phase of the Government's response.

“We will continue to develop stronger and more efficient licensing regulations, storage requirements and penalties for not complying with gun regulations."

Helicopters Central Central Island Ltd and the pest control contractor Gary Oakes, of Oamaru, said he was concerned at whether the changes would be having an impact on his pest control work, and was waiting for more information.

"It is also very difficult that ordinary people can't have one half-pack if they want one. It is just the same actor who has gone and destroy it."

Dunedin Clay, the president of the Target Club, Grant Dodson, said he was supporting the changes.

"I think it is a real and necessary move and I applaud the Government for doing something quick."

It appeared in Mr Dodson Otago Daily Times earlier this week, asking the Executive to focus on military uniforms rather than those used by hunters and sportsmen.

That meant that weapons could be attacked by massive magazine missions and other associations in military style, that gamekeepers and sportsmen did not need, and began a merchant scheme.

Yesterday, he said the reforms published by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern all put these boxes out.

"It is looking good."

Although the "devil is always in the details", and he can't speak for every gun owner, it's his personal idea that would introduce most gunners.

“I am sure some of these weapons will be broken down, but they will be of a minority.

"It will not be unanimous, but I think most people will accept the need to change … most changes will not affect most people. T and public safety improvement.

"It's a great step forward."

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