Users will hit when Facebook does not have a & # 39; 18+ video avoidance with 25 million views


Recently, Facebook users are scared when a 100% video content can live naturally and that at present 25 million views.

In particular, a video owned by J.C.M was uploaded 20 times ago and showed content about a young girl in uniform. However, the most spectacular thing is the next section where the girl shows all generations of living in front of her; camera. After a spreading day, this 18+ video has reached 25 million views, 426,846 securities around the world.

According to many users who commented, this video has been reported to Facebook from times ago but is still in the moment. Apparently, this is a testimonial to make Facebook a bitterness, which is similar to cold water that appears to the frontier of the Director Mark Zuckerberg on his previous commitments. "Facebook was capable of being virtually distributed to all uncertainty by sending false information."

With the continuing scandal, Facebook has made users increasingly suspicious about the ability to control the content of the social network's misunderstanding when it comes to; Make a strong statement of strict control over content with the crew team A great deal.

A few days ago, a 16-year-old girl from South Sudan was sold as a Facebook Facebook as she was a wife of her winner; there. According to the International Plan of humanity Group, the girl for 500 bows, three cars and $ 10,000. It is clear that the wedding was scheduled to take place on the 3rd of November that Facebook did only on 9 November.

Unfortunately, Facebook should stop an excuse of songs, which promises to modify the information to begin the handling of the main social networking issues caused by this .

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