Uses that cause long-term damage to the brain


The World Health Organization (WHO) records some of the factors which have adverse effects

But we know about the different benefits that exercise can have on health, however we are not always aware of the practices that affect our brain each day and they bring it out or cause it to suffer from fatal problems.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) records some of the factors which have adverse effects.

The brain has a fundamental role– whether the tool that takes us to work, fight, think, is active in our daily actions and will be responsible for being among our priorities.

The body can do different things, but there are practices that can harm it. This is the following: t

1. High measurement of sugar
Having a healthy diet and balance doesn't affect the brain Serious diseases.

2. Without having breakfast
You will need a nutritional breakfast for you to get energy and get started on the active day. If you have the right food, your brain work will be made. What's more, it's responsible for submitting emergency signals into “fuel”.; causing serious illnesses such as: obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and even risk from trees.

3. Smoking
The use of smoking falls dramatically in brain disease and the supply of oxygen to the brain. It has been shown that to promote appearance of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

Also, the heterocyclic times released when the cigarette is burnt is affecting the correct repetition of the DNA t, cause changes that cause cancer cells.

4. Does it appear often on polluted environments
The brain needs regular supply of oxygen, but different poisonous substances may apply for gas exchange., the transport and processing of oxygen to cells, which reduces brain efficiency.

5. Not getting enough sleep
We need eight hours to sleep each night to rest, so that metabolic processes are properly performed. this energy was produced, and also for cell regeneration. Getting into sleep accelerates the death of brain cells in the short term and keeps you tired and in spirit throughout the day.

6. Renewing
Eat food that the body doesn't need causes the accumulation of permanent materials in car form and harnessing the grain arts, which affect their right practice.

7. Use of alcohol
Alcohol can damage your organ, particularly the nervous system, the liver and heart. Influencing the chemical reactions that occur in the brain. Alcohol also killing the brains and reducing the distance the movements of the nerves are spread.

It has also been shown that alcohol consumption for adolescents causes "automatic failures" in developing the nervous system.

8. Conflict and violence
Pressure causes many effects on the nervous systemsome that reduce mental capacity and increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

In terms of violence, a survey by that University of London found the brains of children who have been abused are learning to protect and become too tolerant, always becoming aware, expecting and active; try to find signs that might be dangerous or dangerous.

Brain activity is so large and regular that it promotes a feeling of emotion and confidence and creates high levels of concern.As a result, they are unable to control concerns when they are adults.

9. Without doing physical activity
The magazine Neurobiology of Aging he mentions that Practicing at least three days a week keeps the brain well structured and accelerates its work.

On the other hand, if you don't do any physical activity, that body is getting older and you are more likely to suffer from a brain disease.

10. Lack of mental motivation and exercise
Read a book or work through exploring words to encourage your brain enhances the learning capacity and memory, as well as the response time to the encouragement. The same thing happens when physical activity is using it.

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