Utah Colorado Buffalo football swept with Utah at Folsom Range frozen


BOULDER – near the 500th Folsom Range game, Ralphie did not complete his normal running due to the cold, and seated the stadium half-empty and a coach with Mike MacIntyre over the Buffaloes who were there; gut out on the field

Not just black history.

And so the day was. Despite the leadership of another mention in Colombia, the final result of the final result was that the place was leaving the list that the stadium behind the gold stadium was digesting with just a double call with Colorado; falling to Utah to 30-7.

With its lost, the Buffs (2-6, 5-6 Pac-12) need a road impact against Cal boundaries in the next week's season to become bowl certificates.

There was a game that was there for a & # 39; at the beginning, but he can not get any side. At kickoff – with the home student section with a few people frozen in Colorado-Utah electric banana uniforms possessed three times twice. All offenses disagreed from the disaster because the teams could not get any attack by fire. grow in the mid 20s.

But Colorado broke through the first, and thank you as part of two big penalties on the Utes.

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