Utility Auto – Ford includes active version of the # 39; Focus Clipper Estate


Ford incorporates an active version of Focus Clipper

The orange blue maker produces the active Ford Focus Clipper version. This version brings to the station's cartoon capabilities, larger stock and high body height of 30 mm.

Like the American search, Ford will launch the Focus Clipper's active version. This version is known to have a small licensing capacity for the car and the antiboder Ford gives this height of a 30 mm high body at his / her; front and 34 mm at rear. The Focus Clipper Active is also based on optional wheels 17-inch or 18-inch.

The Ford Focus Clipper Active offers the trail driver "Trail" for roads and slippery mode for slippery ground. The existing systems on the "Normal", "Eco" and "Sports" station vehicles are still available. Under the quach, the car will be offered with 1.0 l and 1.5 l Ecoboost 125 pp and 150 pp petrol, 1.5 l and 2.0 l Delicate diesel, 120p and 150p.

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