UVA 56 exhibits rose in February


In February, investments based in purchasing power units (UVA) increased by 56 per cent per month, the biggest increase since October of last year.

This was published today by a report by First Capital Group, as the rate of inflation was expected to rise

The report prepared is based on data from the Central Country Bank of the Argentine Republic, as the term based in UVA generated an income of 13,700 million pesos in February.

In January, investments under these methods had terminated 24,710 million pesos, the lowest since the last exchange at the end of August 2018.

At the end of the month, the stock reached 38,400 million pesos, ending last October and November.

The Customer Prison Register (CPI) of Indec recorded inflation by 2.9% in January, reflecting acceleration in previous months (particularly in light of rising levels) and leaving movement for February and next. month.

"This created a movement of traditional established terms marked in pesos to terms set in UVA, inspired by dealing with loss of energy buying." Tolerant marking rates for the first half of February, "Miguel A said Arrigoni, partner of the Calpa Firs Group.

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