V. 1 won the Gold Medal of the 2018 Asian Best Improvement League


Mr Tran Anh Tu (second from left) – VPF Chairman and CEO received the V.League 1 Gold Prize

The Vietnam National Football Championship (V.League 1) was awarded a first-class honor for the best development in Asia 2018 with the AFC and SPIA Asia (Sports and Tourism Agency Awards and Co -lairg.

SPIA Asia held a sports business workshop on 19 and November 20, 1818 in Bangkok with many companies that were active in a sports field in Asia. On the afternoon of November 20, SPIA Asia celebrated the information event and spent 20 sporting episodes, which included the best sporting event of the year (the F1 in Australia won the gold medal); Best Female Sports Event (Single Singer Singer Singer BNP Paribas WTA).

The AFC was nominated for the best 10th Anniversary AFC of the year, consisting of four competitions in south-east Asia, including: Vietnam Vietnam V., League 1, PFL of Philippines and S-League of Singapore. The remaining names included India League, Bhutan, Guam, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. V.League 1 was better than nine candidates and won the Gold Medal for its growing competition in Asia 2018. belongs to the Indian National Championship and the bronze medal in the National Championship. of Indonesia.

This is the first time after 18 years of professional football, the highest level of English football club has won this prestigious award. Not only does it recognize the organizational and competitiveness of the Vietnam Professional Football Divisional Stock Company (VPF), of the clubs that host it; taking part, but also a clear reflection of the changes. Make sure the quality of your competition, step by step according to the criteria set by the Asian Football Association.

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