V-League introduced more faces to the Vietnam teams?


In context, conservationist Bui Tien Dung showed signs of diminishing, at least two young keepers trying to get to rise, such as Nguyen Van Toan (Hai Phong) and Phan Van Bieu (Paran Van Bieu). SHB Da Nang).

These two young gamekeepers are the ones that have to sit for the winner of Bui Tien Dung in the competition at Asia U23 that is not too long ago. But now I don't know what Bui Tien Dung will play in the V-League, both Phan Van Bieu and Nguyen Van Toan are able to do a degree degree in the SHB Da Nang coaches. Hai Phong. .

The Nguyen Van Toan is only 20 years this year, and Phan Van Bieu is 21 years old, with all playing quietly and quietly from their twenties.

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The gamekeeper Nguyen Van Toan can threaten the keeper Bui Tien Dung in the Vietnam U23 team.

This is an important detail for the very unique and unique visitor visitors from Bui Tien Dung. So if it remains stable for the remaining V-League 2019, the power of Nguyen Van Toan and Phan Van Bieu will be taken over from Bui Tien Dung as gamekeeper. 1 from the Vietnam U23 team for the SEA Games. The 30th year end of this year, in addition to the U23 competitions in Asia early in 2020.

Also related to the keeper's position, another character can sit for the keeper Bui Tien Dung in the Vietnam U23 team, at U23 UEFA U8 in 2018, crossing Bui Tien Dung in the USA. the national team. . That man is the Nguyen Van Hoang gamekeeper (Saigon FC).

Saigon FC's color is now an official guard, and through four tours, it will be a reliable barrier to the city team.

Indeed, the task of a national team remains that of Dang Van Lam. But in the latter case, when the overseer Nguyen Tuan Manh (Khanh Hoa) goes down, Nguyen Van Hoang can replace Bui Tien Dung altogether, if Bui Tien Dung does not succeed at his ability to the club. Hanoi at V-League.

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Many home keepers play comfortably with V-League

Younger Nguyen Van Hoang, a Viettel Football Club talent group such as Nguyen Duc Chien or Truong Tien Anh are also big faces for the U23 Vietnam team, preparing for the SEA Games.

Viettel may not have succeeded yet, but it is a problem experienced by the general team as it has been in a V-League.

The players themselves and the Viettel team are not generally bad. In the next round of tours, when a heroic victory is reached, a group of columns such as Que Ngoc Hai, a midfielder Nguyen Trong Hoang, will be returning in level 2 to learn more about Viettel. . other players will be different too, as there is more space for experience and spirit.

Among the rivals that are Khanh Hoa and Gia Lai, or especially the famous Gia Lai HA players, are Cong Phuong, Van Toan, Xuan Truong … and they are also when they first play in V -League, dribbling the new chief. the city.

It is important that Duc Chien or Tien Anh has qualities and skills for playing football. The time will help them to develop, and from now on until the end of the season, before SEA Games can turn them into different players!

Kim Dien

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