Vaccine cigarettes are not too safe for children: Study


GETTING NEW: Thinking that it is open to children to find out about cigarette smoking, parents have a greater impact both at home and in the car, they will be inspected.

The survey showed that only 38 per cent of parents smoking cigarettes and 22 per cent of double users were found tightly using cigarettes in the home and car.

Conversely, 56 per cent of cigarette users and bilingual users said that they used cigarettes in their cars with local children. The research involved 750 parents.

"The discovery that a majority of parents haul cigarettes within homes and in cars is very scary," said leading author Jeremy Drehmer at Massachusetts General Hospital in the USA.

“Our results show that parents see it as safe to use electronic cigarettes and do not use the same warnings that they do to protect their children from traditional cigarettes. ”Says Drehmer.

Although e-cigarettes, which have been found safer than cigarettes, are liable to be released into derelict waste materials, they may be less harmful when used in a children's presence or within t and cars.

Organic carcinogenetic contexts have been found in the controller of cigarette users, and cigarettes cigarettes leave deposits of nicotine on top of the container, which is used inside, according to the published paper. journal Pediatrics.

Drehmer said that parents are deceived by marketing slow products to believe the air they have made is harmful to children.

The researchers said that tobacco producers sell e-mail cigarettes as healthy fruit without warning of the difficulties for babies and children from the supernatural nuclear particles that spread over the air and the coats surface.

“Pediatric healthcare providers need to help make the right decision and inform parents that there is no safe e-safety zone for children,” said Drehmer.

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