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Students are fair they designed a flat pantiprotector whose main aim is find disease in & # 39; secret area of ​​the woman, sure this Friday to Efe María Fernanda Nava, one of his creatures.

Nava explained that the device, called "LifeDrop", like a female pantiprotector but added elegant natural and hypoallergenic fields.

These areas, he explained, they change color According to pH to women, and if there is a type of type there disease in & # 39; close designation the time is going to be na very pink.

In this way, a woman will know, a & # 39; Thanks to the information in the folder, if it is Mental health is good or you should go to the gynecologist as quickly as possible.

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The project, known as LifeDrop, came out after the students to understand that acne diseases they are among the main ones Death reasons in Mexican women.

In the same way, they realized that there was one way to stop them by early judgment of any change in the slopes of the vaginal range. According to data from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), 75% Some Mexicans have given some at least once in their lives.

This development is searching fight quickly efficient, flexible and very low vaginal diseases, as well as protecting women during their time.

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In addition, Nava said that this device was searching for Put other ways of attacking outside that they are often generatedFear or fear when you carry out exams. "At times, the shore will even be going to go to consulting," he explained.

According to Nava, the creators hope that anyone can find it, in particular because there is no socio-economic status or age for a & # 39; get vaginal disease. "

In the same way, he explained that they hope it can affordable cost, because at this time they estimate that the price could be & # 39; making up about five pesos (0.26 dollars) per piece.

"We'd like to have it social impact Supporting people who do not have access to these tests. That is what we look, "said Nava.

He explained that they are already finished the patent process but they have met with investors "because we want to do more work in development to make our product closer to the market. "

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In its technological development and business model, Nava and Adriana Vargas, students of the School of Architecture, Art and Technical Design of Monterrey, worked with a multi-disciplinary team.

The project, which was also involved, was given to Javier Ceballos, a biotechnological engineering student from the same institution, in Chile. "LifeDrop got its first place in the Jump Chile 2018," said Nava.

This event is, as is supporting the student students better to change the format ideas in business models to create a new generation of entrepreneurs and change agents with a global impact.

"Jump Chile's championship winner is the first step with which we hope to be able continue to develop the technology of the defender, "said Nava.

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