Valdivia has a bad adventure in Colo Colo: "We are not all friendly, but we are good partners"


Colo Colo leaflet, Jorge Valdivia, went out to the degree of proofs Lucas Barrios after leaving the club, which was a appearing in a bad environment in the intersection room among other situations that threatened continuity, saying that there was a "shared" club.

El Mago, in conversation with Fox Sports, said "Lucas has reasons, his reasons, maybe in his summary, tell us the closest ones (what happened). Matías Zaldivia, Oscar Opazo, Carlos Carmona, a number of close-up players, we talked about many things. On a general scale, the atmosphere was good. It is very rare that something is feeling and expressed"

In addition, about the Paraguayans, Valdivia said "Lucas raised his enthusiasm with us, with Colo Colo. He arrived early, he did his things, he took care of his things. Slowly, he was not comfortable and did not do what he expected"

In fact, it indicates that there is little communion between the players in a set-up room; castle: "The atmosphere in Colo Colo we are not all friends, but we are good partners. The ones that were together, came together for a dinner, we had coffee, we were aware that we were not very good"

The relationship with Tapia

Consideration was also given to poor adverse relationships Eachann Tapia, leaving mackerel banking, and a large part of Colo Colo's staff. Valdivia's truth stopped and was sure he was very close to the old strike, which was his companion at the start of his career.

"With Eachann he spoke very much and was very close to him. The advice he gave me and gave me, we tried to be interim", El Mago, who was Colo Colo's Tapia team in 2005, was also featured in the Nile National Team.

He said "He knew and spoke to some. Hector had a bad luck on the negative fight we took. Before ten games he was a good coach. Identifying Colo Colo's final contributions, he made good games in Libertadores. We went into the negative struggle that nobody was expecting"

Indeed, establish that "Hector is a good coach I think in a few minutes; he needed to make better decisions. Always talk to football, a & # 39; speaks politely. For me, (Gabriel) Suazo should have ever played. Hector told us that there were players, despite what they gave and for the time they put to the job, they needed to play more"

"He recognizes that he made mistakes in the decisions he had to do. For me the Birds (Jaime Buckets) you have to launch it, with the shortcut that is not worth it, & # 39; It may not be 90+, but in two or three plays"he said.

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