Valdivia received the 2019 by piercing J Balvin


With cotillion and lots of champagne in 2019 in different parts of the world.

Is that there if there is a date where there is no excuse to be fun, that's a Year & # 39; New.

From a man who is not a man, with a crest barrier than Tarzan, even the most powerful people, the slogan is always the same: fun and reminding all the problems.

In this way, the players, who are familiar with enjoying the joy of such joy, do not go around with girls and their daughters; putting reels that are frightening.

That clearly took place on New Year's Eve, Colo Colo's figure, Jorge Valdivia, who is with his wife, Daniela Aránguiz, has been marked as God will give. to 2019.

Both of them started their trip to Miami Beach with their children and they got the new party party at the top party. So, it's an open reel, animated by J Balvin himself, a singer of the Colombian effects such as "Ay, Vamos" and "My People".

Then, the national team played reggeaton dance and sang to green times; morning. Even so, there was time to shout. While the dinner was held before the Year & # 39; Uir, a magician came to Valdivia's board to offer a trick. The "10", genuinely came to a style, out of play by saying "he wants to take away the snag," and " refers to his / her football name (recording smile).

Existing already in the morning January 1, the colocolino guardian closed a party's curtain by a & # 39; Draw a picture with a reggeatonero memory, and then upload it to Instagram. This is a rounded welcome gathering to 2019.

Another man who did not want to be less Arturo Vidal was one of the worst people. in national bankruptcy. As expected, the Barcelona booklet cast the house out on the window and put together a private national private party.

Then, with family and friends, the Art Art participated in a live music rhythm, José Rafael Fuentes, called "Don Fulano", a member of the "Fulanito" group. Indeed, a football player had to be extremely funny than the company of his wife, María Teresa Matus and her children, who spent the twelve at a town in Dubai.

But that did not obstruct the "King" without being able to; donated pigs, so he informed Instagram stories. She sees the first Colo Colo, he sang and even time to clarify rockets to her. full sword, and yes, literally. The late 2018 was the successful; for Vidal, who has finally endorsed it in Catalan scandal.

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