Valorous Regulation is authorized by market authority


The penalties for three deficiencies from 2017 have been sent to the UCITS management company, just named by the Maroccan Authority and Capital Market Signage College (AMMC).

After examining the file that is related to the fact that was expressed against the Valoris Regulation, according to its # 39; a disciplinary procedure set out in Articles 49 to 61 of the last General Rule, how the warrant guarantees that a & # 39; party belonging to the & # 39; Information, right of protection and representation and advice right, the AMMC's LB College is to deliver its decision.

Therefore, the AMMC President sent a warning and penalty against the UCITS management company.Series of 50,000 DH. The sanction decision No. DS-01/19 of February 5, 2019, thus controls three deficiencies lost by his / her; that company. The first is a & # 39; deal with non-compliance with the provisions of Article 1st of order 2541-13 compared to the rules of composition of the asset of investments in conveyance in behavioral resources, notably article 1, assigned to the security eligibility criteria obtained in warrant when a loan of securities is settled. Not surrender on 19 June 2019.

The second break is related to non-compliance with the rules in relation to the framework of the framework, and the general module is demolished in the previous mentioned installation No. 2840-13. The third complaint is that the provisions of Articles II.1.18, II.1.23, II.1.24 and II.1.40 of the Newsletter, which relate to the internal control and organizational system – linked to the loan activity of titles. In this case, these facts are by June 2017.

This is the first decision in 2019.

Stock market: Valoris Regulation authorized by market authority Last change: February 10, 2019 by & # 39; Imane Bouhrara

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