Valve is reorganizing 'steam & # 39'; I want to hear about events


New steam design. / Photo = polygon, together

The ball will design the superstar platform game Steam & # 39; and add new features.

Valve published a new steam design at the 2019 Developers' Developments Conference (GDC), according to the American game expert, Polygon.

UI designer Valve Kroll Valve said, "We'll be applying designs based on information that can clarify up-to-date games," said GDC at the San Francisco site.

This will create a new homepage in the steam library. "Steam users will be able to access the games they have recently played," said Aldencrol.

New indicators, play modes and updates are planned. Add a section called # 39; Your games updates # 39; under the steam library page. Alden Kroll gave examples of game play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a new hero of Dota 2. The redesign of the steam library will be released in beta this summer.

Installations of steam movement. / Photo = polygon, together

Previously, the stability of the steam incident event is expected to be released. It is a way of letting us know about current and future events. It receives events from Steam through an external calendar, emails, messages active for movement (app) and text messages.

Meanwhile, Valve will be posting an open beam version of the steam event in months.

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