Van Barneveld returns to the decision to stop darts immediately t


Raymond van Barneveld returned to Thursday to decide whether to stop him. The 52-year-old 52 years old laments he was earlier the day after the Darts Premier League in Rotterdam, saying he was going to end his career. .

"Raymond goes away for the weekend and Tuesday morning I sit down with him. I expect him to continue again. He will play again next Saturday," he added. T manager Jaco van Bodegom to NUsport.

"I know him well. I have known him a number of times, after being seriously missed, that he was the first person to say that he was going to stop. That's the case again.

Van Barneveld made her swift comments after a sad loss from 1-7 against Michael van Gerwen, having previously lost the same numbers to Daryl Gurney the previous day. He said he could no longer have more mental thoughts than being a longer profile.

"It's the end of it. This is a farewell blessing. I've been given 7-1 two times. I've been encouraged to my own country and I've got a lot of it. I am broken, I have nothing, I don't want to be in pain anymore, "he told NUsport at a press conference.

Raymond van Barneveld was not kept dry on Ahoy Thursday. (Image: PDC / Lawrence Lustig)

"Last week Raymond had one big drama" t

Van Barneveld left Wednesday as a result of their defeat to Gurney from the Premier League, making his final game against Van Gerwen at Ahoy, by issuing a dartan at the end of the year.

"This week was one of Raymond's big dramas. It was in the gossip magazines. That took a look. I tried to press the back -where possible, but now everything came out, 'Van Bodegom describes the separation of Van Barneveld.

"Raymond was feeling embarrassed. I'm proud of a big pile. We usually leave the hotel after the match, he pulls the blankets on his bed and weeps and the next day we will see more things. "

So Van Barneveld seems to be taking part in next year's Players Competition. He then needs to achieve some good results in order to continue to look into his World Cup in December at Alexandra Palace in London.

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