Van der Bellen will record the law for indexes


Van der Bellen will record the law for indexes

Vienna. The President of the Force Alexander Van der Bellen introduced the law on the Monday family discount schedule despite serious concerns.

"However, I am very concerned about whether this law also complies with EU law," said Van der Bellen.

The state leader had commented on this in particular. Accordingly, Van der Bellen must only tell by signature whether a law has been established constitutionally. A breach of EU law is not its abilities.

Additional test

There is still no decision on how Van der Bellen will take a break on the law that has been made about social insurance reform. The previous week, the ÖVP and FPÖ had made a package in social security law, asking the Minister for Social Affairs, Beate Hartinger-Klein, "preparing work" for the reform of the health insurance system before the laws became applicable even. The challenge came in and cited the President of the Force without verifying the law. Proceedings Heinz Fischer had not signed the change to the Business Code in 2008 due to a mistake.

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