Van Dijk, with a wonderful movement, was the biggest hero – Novica


A great Dutch employee Virgil van Dijk slowly but constantly becoming a great European football giant and the world. In the shirt Liverpool confirming that the problems and objections that came from their rhetoric price were not considered, as it had been a huge increase for Liverpool and the player that is undoubtedly falling among the best player in his place of play.

Van Dijk is also participating in the Netherlands national team in which he is a dream Matthias de Ligt, One of the most important items in the shirt Plowing However, he got to know when he was in the last seconds of the game against Germany, put the prize for 2-2 and defeated the Netherlands to the final League of Nations

Van Dijk, after his last whistle blowing, showed a man's appearance when he went to a game referee when he was a major celebration of the Dutch football Ovid Hategana and tried to comfort him. After his game, he revealed what was the tears of Rome.

"I came to Hategan because I wanted to say he was ill, because he left him without a recent mother. He broke up and started shouting. He had a good chance to compete. I know I did not do a lot, but I hope I helped him at least,"he said Van Dijk.

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