Van Hau and Que Ngoc Hai are at risk of losing two AFF Cup finals


After receiving a yellow card at the rank of the group, both Vietnamese Doan Van Hau and Que Ngoc Hai defenders are at risk of going to # 39; Final AFF Cup final.

Van Hau and Que Ngoc Hai are in danger of being demolished on the 2018 AFF Cup semi-final

In an untouched tour at Myanmar Stadium on Tuesday, the defender Que Ngoc Hai was made free of charge from the Qatar referee when he opposed the opponent.

It also means that Que Ngoc Hai is a "#; lose the first casualty if the card is added to the # 39; match against Cambodia on 24th.

Van Hau, Que Ngoc Hai was surrendered to & # 39; final of the AFF Cup final
Doan Van Hau is at risk of leaving 2018 AFF 2018 round 2018 if he gets a penalty

In the same situation, guardians of Doan Van Hau. Previously, Hanoi's young club also needed to have a yellow card in a balloon situation.

Under the BTC AFF 2018 Cup provisions, if players get two yellow cards in two different games they must take the next game. However, if the players only get yellow card players in the size of their group, the player will be lost on behalf of the player's team into the final.

So, if Van Hau and Ngoc Hai are not punished for playing against Cambodia, they will be abolished in the # 39; final. With this important feature, it seems that both players will not play in the next game. By Cambodian sheep, this would be a great opportunity for Bui Tien Dung and Pham Duc Huy to win.


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