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(Dan Viet) A beautiful girl in Fan in the Iranian newspaper shares football dependence in Vietnam

Clip Clip Thuy Tien Korean television interview

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Thuy Tien – The famous daughter of ASIAD 2018

Phan Thi Thuy Tien (aged 21 years old) is the alcoholic on the social network. It looks beautiful, cunning and the ability to speak English fluently, it is highly regarded.

Since then, Thuy Tien's name has always attracted attention when it appears. Despite the busy time, it welcomes Vietnam's team in the next season.

In the series of pictures of fans of the country's beautiful football girl at the 2018 AFF Cup, there is no Thuy Tien image. She was present at the My Dinh game, which rejoiced for her & her; game between Vietnam and Malaysia on 16/11 and dropped in the camera immediately. In the midst of jungle fans, Thuy Tien stands out for her beautiful and beautiful scenery.

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Awareness of the 2018 AFF Cup chair

"I went from Saigon and I got tickets to My Dinh Stadium to watch the players. The feeling of watching football is not so special, say Vietnam fans are very happy and well with their national football ", Thuy Tien to share.

He can not match grassland between Vietnam and Myanmar last night (20/11) but Thuy Tien still looks through television with his family. "She traveled on her neck and then believed. The players are struggling to achieve screens. In the next battle, I'm sure to get a live happiness, & # 39; Meet people at the playground on November 24 Hang Diem, "cIt was fun.

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Football disappointment did not stop with Thuy Tien

In the herring that participates in the Vietnam AFF Cup, Thuy Tien is particularly fond of Van Lam's keeper because "he's a good deal to visit."

"Indeed, I'm like Van Lam since last night, after Vietnam – see Myanmar. Well, there's no talented, beautiful, lovely lover!", Thuy Tien is laughing.

Since being famous for the image of a girl's daughter soccer, the life of Thuy Tien has changed dramatically. She received many advertising contracts, film making both in Vietnam and abroad, access in many areas. Employment is also doubled to the last.

Everywhere, Thuy Tien is also known to everyone and take pictures. For its purpose, the 2018 ASIAD is a fortune and fortune fortune for an artistic post.

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Notice when we know

Currently, Thuy Tien aims to work with a number of film projects in Korea, Vietnam, who participate in a number of Korean exhibitions …

"Anyway, I still want to come from truth, not from the time of the fame. I hope that people get me to Thuy Tien, not a hot daughter of ASIAD" Tien said.

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People who enjoy ASIAD are a sudden jump for the Thuy Tien career

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She has good opportunities at work

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God, the place that was very popular after one night was a prime person

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A beautiful and beautiful view of Vietnamese girls' football fans

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Beautiful beauty and full of vitality

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Everyone wants to fire because of domestic football

A man who was a jersey said how long a day:

She is committed to being at the grass field to go to; urging Vietnam to fight in the upcoming game.

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