"Van Toan is a huge mistake in hitting"


Wednesday 21/11/2018 00:11 AM (GMT + 7)

Many Vietnamese rulers in Vietnam have identified the Van Van case that was captured by a far line after scratching in Myanmar's web.

Watch the saved Van Toot video but has been rejected (the clip section in NextMedia is broadcast on VTC)

Vietnam's game with Myanmar in Cup A8 AFF group has come to an end with the visitor.

This Hang Coach team once again put his member into the net with the stripper Van Toan in the 77 minutes after being put on. However, the assistant referee has blocked this side in this situation.


The product was rejected to Van Toan

He is worthy of saying, a Vietnam counterpart seems to have been outside when he was still under the Myanmar player.

Speaking of the situation, Mr Hoang Ngoc Tuan – Chief Executive of the Ho Chi Minh Town Football League referee, said that the constructive referee should be able to; make mistakes away from the evaluation to make their mistake wrong: "I found that Van Toan was not outside that situation. The former referee has not kept up with this situation, not The favorable situation is not to be found if it decides the wrong decision.

In addition, the national referee looked forward to having a lot of good signage in 0-0 away Park Hang Seo, coach teacher: "Players play very well on park designs Hang Seo coach. Especially a good defense. We do not benefit due to lack of fortune in the final situation. However, we may have the best site. "

Phu Tan's referee, Phu Tan referee, also decided that the Van Toan situation is fully proven. Mr Tan refused to comment on his game but believes that three points for Vietnam are better valued.

Former warden Vo Quang Vinh said that he was an absolute decision in the decision of the helpful arbitrator in the Myanmar-Vietnam battle.

"After looking at the turning situation slowly, I found that Van Toan was not outside. But, with the situation on the court, I think there is no good study at the position of the referee, with pressure from the seats in a fragile situation. Therefore, the helper can choose the safest solution for themselves. "

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Vietnam team plays more than Myanmar but there is only one point.

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