Van Toan – Mac Chicken & # 39; in the Teacher Park


77 games from Myanmar and Vietnam on the Thuwunna, Van Toan Buffalo to complete the team team after the end of Quang Hai. Just 1 minute earlier, he was in the field instead of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, the referee met him.

The subsequent ideas reinforced that the north of Hai Duong was not outside the country. The team was stolen by the referee to win the critical time. If the referee decided more specifically, Van Toan with Vietnam helped formally appear in the final rounds before a visit.

Van Toan signaled only 1 minute after he was kicked into the field. Photograph: Thuan Thang.

In August of 2018 ASIAD, also from a similar situation, it is still in the right time and Buffalo Buffalo's member had finished completing England, taking the Olympic Games to the finals.

The Van Toan Asian Football Association home page has become a "super-reserve" after coming to the banner and its " shot at Syrian Olympics competitors.

The two goals, as a member, came closer to the situation of the warrior born in 1996 and placed in a very favorable situation to conclude. Someone reported that Van Toan's "son"South Westerly

The above statement is unfounded. But see actively not naturally lucky. It comes from Van Toan's personal effort and a general character of Hang Park; walk and build and achieve.

In Asian Asian U23 Championships, Van Toan played 114 minutes (one main, three on the mountain), with no ambitions. Its signal is very tight.

It can be said that Van Toan's failure was in the bright snow days of Changzhou and he had changed to find a place in the team. As a result, the best thing was that was; fighting in a mountain field in the home.

When it was released, Van Toan said the audiences were confident about their ability to visit Vietnamese team goals. Photograph: Thuan Thang.

In fact, the genre has a 22-year play. Every time on the field, Van Toan moved a lot. Not only that, the gamer of the player is also the promising point. His way of making so many people like "squirrels."

At HAGL, Van Toan is not a captain. But this team has no responsibility worse than the Phoenix. It's an energy game, moving the place to care. Everyone who Phoenix helps her closer to become one of the V-League's struggles in this season.

The Van Toan prizes were won when he got the chance of ASIAD 2018. Every time it was in the field, Toi had the whole way so that the fans were confident that the challenge was. Earlier or later, it comes down with a name after the harassment times at the birth of 1996.

To the 201 AFF Cup, that belief is still complete and in the game against Myanmar, just 1 minute to Van Gus to make a difference. It was not difficult but the "hen" was damaged by the referee's wrong decision.


Do Hai 06:40 21/11/2018

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